viernes, 18 de enero de 2008

Lady Page

Dear Lady Page,
I am sorry to write this message in English but, I still haven't learn any German.
I am still at Berlin's airport trying to digest what I have felt in the last 24 hours.
My memory tells me that you are sweet and sour.
You look like an angel but, a fallen angel.
You are cruel, you are beautiful.
You look naive but, intelligent.
You played not only with my body but, with my mind.
You smell like a Goddess, you taste like a Queen.
So many "you" to say and too many feelings to digest.
Time will pass, life will continue and who knows,
one day I might be able to cry for you, even if you don't want.
Don't know if I will cry of pain but, I am certain I will cry of surrender.

Submissively yours

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